Jan 6, 2012

The Sanction Chronicles: Welcome to Sanction #1 by Dylan Strickland, Terry Kate, Ashley Renee

This is a very unique book in the way it's written. One book for each month of the school year in Sanction.

The story revolves around three main characters. Hope, a witch, Jessie, a human and Nate, a werewolf. We get to see everything from each ones PoV. 

Hope has to make a new start in a new school after the witch school is burned down, and not only she has a new school but it seems like she has a new power too. With her sisters against her and a mysterious voice in her head will she make it through the year? 

Jessie feels like an outsider being a human in a supernatural filled town and living amongst the most famous and powerful vampire family of the city, but she has a plan for the new year and surprisingly it seems like things might work out until she becomes the target of every werewolf in town. 

Nate has been away from home for a few years and coming back doesn't bring good memories in mind. Everything has changed except for his father, who is the same d-bag he always was. Nate stragles to find his place in the pack and his new shcool. 

The story was good enough although it left so many questions unanswered and there is not much-closer to none-interaction amongst the three main characters. The ending was a little bit confusing since it was something completely irrelevant, but I guess we'll learn more things about it in the books to come... 

I don't know if I should read the next one cause there were no books for months November and December, and I don't want to get into the series if the writtters leave it unfinished.


Edit: As you can see if you read the comment below left by Terry Kate, the series will be up and running in February! So, I am definitely reading the next one!

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  1. Hi Veronica,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read Sanction! We have not stopped writing just been delayed by some health and personal issues.

    I like your note on how much interaction there is between POV characters and it is something that we will keep in mind as the series evolves. The plan is to relaunch the series in February and have some rapid releases after that.

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the series and I hope you continue with us.
    - Terry Kate
    The Sanction Chronicles