Jan 18, 2012

Arrived This Week [X-Mas Version Part.2]

This the second part of my X-Mas IMM, and even though I am still waiting for some orders I made before christmas to arrive this one is for everything I got from Amazon.
I am still waiting for The Iron King to arrive but received all the other books of the series. I think it's about time I start this one.

As you can see I also got Supernaturally, I really liked the first one and I thought I should get it too.
And finally I couldn't complete The Iron Fey series without the Novellas.
Now I only need the first book, which will probably arrive next week, and I can start reading....

Want to see what ebooks I got for X-mas? Arrived This Week [X-Mas Version Part.1]


  1. Ohh that is so awesome. Beautiful additions to any shelf!

  2. I have only finished The Iron King and Winter's Passage so far but I can honestly say I liked them. Hope you receive Iron King soon so you can get started!