Jan 9, 2012

Book2Movie 2012 Challenge

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The goal for this challenge is to read a book/ watch a movie in each of the 12 categories, which are further down, during the year of 2012 (01.01.2012 – 31.12.2012) + 1 bonus category, if someone can’t find a book in one of the 12 categories. 

This means: 12 books + movies in 12 months, as a result 1 book/ 1 movie per month. (Book can be read/ movie can already been watched – but just one of each)

So this is my list:
1. … where the movie is more famous than the book
Lord of the Rings #1
2. … to a TV- Series
Vampire Diaries #1
3. … which is based on a cartoon/ fairy tale or where the main characters are animals
Chronicles of Narnia #1
4. … where your favorite actor/ actress is playing in the movie.
5. … to a book classic which was made into a movie after 1990
The Picture of Dorian Gray
6. … where the book was written for the movie
I am number four
7. … from an author of your home country (for English joiners: from an author who is not coming from an English speaking country)
Night Watch - Which is not from my country, but as close as I could get!
8. … where the story is about love and where you’ll probably cry OR where the story is about blood, murder and horrific killers.
9. … which is focused on a social critic topic (misogyny, racisms, cruelty,…)
->Not a book for this one, I am using the bonus category.
10. … where the story is playing at least 100 years ago.
11. … where the story is playing in the future OR where the story is playing in Asia or Africa The Time Machine
12. … where the movie to the book is coming to the cinemas 2012 Hunger Games #1
(+ 13 bonus category: … where you’ve already watched the movie, but never read the book) – for all who have a problem to find a book/movie in one of this categories.
Cirque du Freak #1′ or ‘The Dark is rising #1

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