Jan 29, 2012

Arrived This Week [Jan.23 - Jan.29]

This is another IMM. I had a lot of new arrivals and most of them are print books, so I am very excited! Let's begin...

I got both for free from Amazon. I already read and loved The Viscount and the Witch, you can find my review here, I can't wait to get my hands on the actual books of The Riyria Chronicles.

I can't wait to read them. They all sound amazing! :)


I bought these three used from Awesomebooks.com. Don't be fooled by the 4.50 sticker on the first one. I paid less than 2.50 each. And even though I had them all in ebooks I couldn't resist getting the print versions.

I was expecting this one a week ago when all the other books of the Iron Fey Series arrived but it came a little early, now I have them all and can't wait to start reading them.

This one I got from a bookstore here. I almost never buy books from bookstores in Greece cause they don't have that many English ones and I hate to read the translated. But when I saw this one I remembered all the great things I heard about it and even though I didn't have it in my to-read list, I decided to buy it.

So these are all the books I got this week I am very excited to read them all!

What was on your mailbox?


  1. Would you recommend AwesomeBooks? I've tought about ordering from them, but I'm weary for some reason.

    1. I'd love awesomebooks. I only buy the used books from there cause they have great prices, great condition and they are based on uk so it only takes one week to arrive to Greece. If you are not from Europe I'd recommend betterworldbooks.com for used books, although their quality is soemtimes really low...

  2. Wow you got some good ones! Daughter of Smoke and Bone is amazing, .I liked Enclave too. The Restorer is super creepy and the Iron Fey series is great. I still need to read Night Circus too!

  3. I loved Dream Killer, its a good one!

  4. Wow, great new books!! I've also ordered The Daughter of Smoke and Bone just yesterday and can't wait to have it! :)

    I've already read the first two books in the Phrophecy of the sisters series and I think they were just average books.

    BUT I love the whole Iron Fey Series and Prince Ash is still one of my favorits. I love him and Puck as well and you'll definitely fall in love with it as well. :)

    enjoy it, greetings Tina

  5. Enclave! That is a brilliant book. I hope you enjoy it! :)