Aug 11, 2012

Unpack This [Aug. 6 - Aug. 12]

Unpack This is a meme I started instead of my usual IMM. It was inspired by my love to open boxes, yes I love doing that.

Physical Books:
I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You: I've been waiting to find this one in hardback and used for the longest time, but I did it. And finally I got it. I really want to start this series. I mean I love spies and the books like real fun. I already have the second book so I will probably start them soon.
The Babysitter Collection: This book has the first 3 books of the babysitter series by R.L.Stine. Being the huge fan that I am of his Goosebumps I knew that soon I would have to read some of his other books and the Babysitter series seemed like a good start. I have also ordered his Cheerleaders Series.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: This is the third book in the Gifted series. I've already read the first one and I am planning to read books #2 and #3 in the bout of books read-a-thon next week. I really like this series. It's kind of middle grade or at least teen-ish, it's something refreshing from all the YA I am reading all the time.
Forsaken: This is the last physical book I bought this week. It's the first book in the Demon Trappers series. I've been really curious about for the past few months and finally I got it. Don't know when I'll be reading though, my TBR pile is getting pretty huge...

Project ELE: I got this for review from the authors. There is actually a giveaway running right now. You can find the link above in the Giveaways section.

Mayfair Moon: I've been dying to get this one. I've heard some amazing things about it. I found it for free on Amazon from a post on Facebook. 
It's still free if you want to grab it: here

What did you Unpack this week?

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  1. I picked up Forsaken from the library this week, but like you, god knows when I'll get to it. The last time I had it on loan I returned it unread. Hopefully I'll have more luck this time. And thanks for the heads up on The Mayfair Moon, I grabbed a copy. Happy Reading!!