Aug 16, 2012

Don't Fear The Reaper Read-Along [Week #3]

1. I do have a soft spot for Charley's Aunt Lilian. She is sweet and soft while somehow also being a little dirty and I find that hilarious in an aunt. Do you have any relatives dead or alive that remind you of Aunt Lillian? If not, tell me about your favorite deceased relative. 
I don't have any relative that reminds me of Aunt Lilian, so I am going to tell who my favorite deceased relative is. That would be my grandmother from my mom's side. She's the one I got my first name from and she was the only person that used to tell me bedtime stories, no one else ever did, not even my mom, maybe that's because I only asked my grandmom for stories and no one else. :)

2. In these chapters, we get a little closer to Reyes and his secrets. Neil, the warden at the prison where Reyes is currently incarcerated - and a high school mate of Charley's - tells a story about how Reyes ended up in the Coma and something he witnessed. What do you think of the story? What does this lead you to think about Reyes? 
Well, the first time we got intorduced to Reyes I didn't like him at all, but hearing that he saved Neil was actually kind of cool. Everything we learn about him makes me like more and more, until the end of the book where I simply adore him. Yes, I read the whole book...a couple of weeks ago.

3. One of the things I love most about Ubie and Charley's relationship is that Ubie aka Uncle Bob has absolute faith in our Charley. Maybe it's because Charley's been solving murder cases for ages and Ubie knows that Charley knows things. If you could pick a super power, which one would you choose? Seeing the dead? Invisibility? 
Seeing the dead would not be the one for me. I am already teriffied of ghosts, if I could actually see them it'd be terrible. As for what I would pick, that's actually easy cause I've given it a lot of though in the past. I would love to be able to create and manipulate fire. I love fire! :D

4. Okay, in my opinion, there is nothing better than walking into your living room and seeing the god-like creature of your dreams standing there waiting for you. If you were in Charley's shoes, who would be standing in your living room?? 
Jared Leto. Ian Somerhalder. Nicholas D'Agosto. Chris Hemsworth. Norman Reedus. Cam Gigandet. Garret Hedlund. Channing Tatum. All of the above! As you can see there is a huge variety.

5. We get a surprise visit from Rosie's husband and we find out some information about Reyes...that he and The Big Bad are the same guy. What are your thoughts? Were you surprised about Rosie's husband or did you feel that one coming? What about Bad Reyes, had you already made the connection?
I was totally surprised by Rosie husband and the whole turn that case took, but I can't say I was that surprised about Reyes. I've thought about him being the Big Bad and actually I even though about him being what we will learn he really is.


  1. Your grandma sounds awesome! Seriously. My mom never told me stories either, but I have this aunt who if I ask, tells the best stories and as a child she always did. *sigh* The good old days.

    That story with Neil is one of the reasons I adore Reyes. It's because he is bad in many ways, but he has the super nice streak running through him that's kind and caring and I just love it. He's a great Bad Boy. LOL!

    Also....CHRIS HEMSWORTH!! Yum! I love your selection. ;) It's an excellent man harem.

  2. Okay, I have to agree with all of your guy choices, very nice! :P

  3. Cat call....yummy list there girlfriend! Grandparents are the best! I sure miss mine! I am wondering what all you would do with your fire starting techniques! I am glad you adored Reese by the end!

  4. Oh I love not being able to chose. However, I'll take them off your hands so you don't scorch them... ;D

    Aw... I always loved a good bedtime story. I didn't get those, I read them to myself. Your Grandma sounds cool.

  5. I love bedtime stories! I wish someone would still read them too me. Great list of hotties. I need one for everyday of the year. I also knew Reyes was the big bad and what he wends up being all along!

  6. Yeah, I wasn't too thrilled about Reyes either when we first met him and I also didn't get why he was so drawn to Charley in ghost form. He did get some brownie points at the end though. Still not sure if I want him as a book boyfriend though. Something is just a bit off.

    Ian Somerhalder! YUP. Huge Team Damon fan!!

  7. I love your selection of man candy...YUMMY!!! My Grandma would tell me stories or sing me songs from when she was a girl at bedtime. It was a ritual whenever I would visit.