Aug 16, 2012

A Book for Every Season

This is a bout of books challenge where we have to present one book for each season. There might be the name of the season in the title or the book must take place during that season.

What better book to represent winter. It takes place during winter and it has the low temperatures, snow etc. Reading it I wanted to crawl up with a hot coco in hand... but it was summer and the world outside my door was burning up.

Yeap, I know that's his name but Endymion Spring is the only book I read that has spring on the title. I couldn't think of any book taking placce during spring at the moment. So it was the next best choice.

This book is all about Summer. Funny thing is my best friend was reading it while she was in vacation  with her family and I was in camp, that was back right after 10th grade. She called me everyday to tell me what was happening in the book and then shipped it over to my camp so I could read it too. It was really fitting and it always reminds me of that summer.

Now there were a lot of books for this category. Almost every boarding school book takes place in Autumn, at least the first book of a series with a boarding school. Possessions does exactly that. By the way, whenever September starts I get a weird need to read boarding schools novels.


  1. Aw, big yes for the Sisterhood books! They definitely scream 'Summer.' :)

  2. I agree with Shiver for winter, a great choice!

  3. I think you did a good job picking the books to match the seasons. :-)

  4. I love boardingschools! Well, I mean in books. :)