Aug 24, 2012

Cover Reveal: Bewitched by Cambria Hebert

Bewitched (Heven and Hell #2.5)
by Cambria Hebert

Release date: October 5, 2012

For years, I accepted that Heven was more popular than me. I never liked it but I lived with it. I walked in her shadow, I stood by her when no one else would. When I finally thought her spotlight was mine things began to change. She began to change. Now she hardly ever calls me back, she spends all her time with her hot new boyfriend and everyone at school thinks she’s back on top. She had it all. But apparently she wants more. She wants Cole – my boyfriend. What’s worse is that it looks like she got him. I’ve had enough and she’s going to be sorry. Why?

Because I am bewitched.

Bewitched Excerpt

Bewitched Trailer

Ok, so these are all the Bewitched material I had to reveal. I can't begin to explain how excited I am for this new novella in the Heven and Hell Series. I love the series and even though Kimber is not a fav of mine, I adore witches and most of of wicked witches, and she is one of them, or well, she is about to be.

What do you think abou the cover? It's one of my favorites from the whole series.


  1. What a great looking post! I love it! :) Thank ou for posting the Bewitched reveal. I am excited about this short story too, I think everyone will get to know Kimber a bit better and its just in time for Halloween!!!
    thanks again for posting, everything looks great!

  2. I was soooo excited after reading this post, I have just finished reading Masquerade and it just left me wanting more... C'mon October!
    At the beginning, I really liked Kimber's character, and at points I felt sorry for her... By the end of the book, I wasn't sure, so Bewitched should prove to be an interesting read!
    P.S. I think the cover is fab, but then I really like the artwork on the Heven and Hell series anyway. :0)

    1. You should read Charade(book #2) too, then trust me you will get mad with Kimber. That's when I decided I don't like her at all.

    2. Thanks Veronica - Charade is now downloaded and waiting on my Kindle! Woohoo!;0) (Strange though, coz when I first seached under Cambria Hebert, only Masquerade came up... Thanks for the tip!)