Aug 20, 2012

Sit Down and Write: Goals Post

The Sit Down and Write write-a-thon begins today and guess what I haven't written a single line so far, but I will. I WILL. Probably late at night, that's when I usually sit down and write.

My Goals:
I've been working on a novel for the past few months and I've been making some great progress lately, so I want to keep on going. I've been thinking that hopefully by the end of the read-a-thon I will write at least 28.000 more words. This is 4000 words/day, which for me is close to a couple of chapters. There is the word counter at the left sidebar where I will be updating my progress daily. So that's pretty much it.

Wish me luck


  1. Good luck with your writing this week!

  2. I am so impressed that you are writing a novel! I wish I had the ideas...sadly no...Good luck!

  3. Yours is the second blog I've stopped by to visit of the write-a-thon participants and both of you--oops, make that three. I forgot about the host. Anyway, you three are passed me. I'm still doing background work. And this will be all I work on this week.

    Best of luck!

  4. Good luck with your goal! Glad you're joining us. Hoping this write-a-thon will light a fire for a lot of us. Lord knows I need it!