Aug 10, 2012

Cambria Hebert on 'Irrational' Fears

Today I am glad to welcome Cambria here to talk about 'irrational' fears. There were no quotations around irrational when she sent me the post but since I believe that my fears are not irrational at all I had to add them. Anyways, watch out, 'cause here she comes...
Hi everyone!! I am so glad to be here today! As many of you know (and if you don’t you do now!) I am the author of the Heven and Hell series. It’s a YA paranormal series that is unique… as in there are NO werewolves, vampires or zombies… just try and figure out what Sam is as your reading… I dare you!!

But today I am not going to talk to you about my books. Nope. Uh – huh. I’m gonna talk to you about fear… everyone is afraid of something, right? I happen to be afraid of chickens. Yes, really. Actually it isn’t just chickens it’s all birds. Nasty little critters. *Shudders*. Yeah, it’s irrational but no less real. (I hear you laughing….) 

So tell me… what are you afraid of? Do you have an irrational fear? Or maybe just a fear of spiders? I hear that our wonderful host of this blog has a fear of clowns and dolls… (frankly I can see why). Whatever you are afraid of, there’s a name for it. And no, the name isn’t freak or crazy person. LOL. I often wonder about the people who sit around in a padded cell (where else?) and think up names for crazy people’s fears. 

I have a list of some funny, crazy and interesting fear types and names that believe it or not some people suffer from. Maybe it’s you. Or me. LOL!! 

Get ready to be scared… 

(Note: these are real, documented fears that people can suffer from, my jokes are only for fun not to make light of anyone who might suffer from such a fear.)

  • Chaetophobia – fear of hair (Guess that means a date with a werewolf is out) 
  • Chronophobia – fear of time and time moving forward ( Do not give this person a watch for Christmas)
  • Cyberphobia – fear of or aversion to computers / Learning new technologies (I think all old people have this. I think I have it too…) 
  • Descendophobia – fear or discomfort while descending stairs or down a hill (this makes my fear of chickens look reasonable, lol) 
  • Frigophobia – fear of becoming too cold (stay out of the frozen food section!) 
  • Gamophobia – fear of marriage, commitment (All men suffer from this) 
  • Gymnophobia – fear of nudity (these peeps don’t shower. Ever.) 
  • Hypnophobia or somniphobia – fear of sleep (in order to rest they have people hit them and knock them out.) 
  • Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia – fear of the number 666 (True story – when I was born my social security number had 666 in it…. My mother had it changed…) 
  • Pediophobia – fear of dolls (a branch of automatonophobia: fear of humanoid figures) (One Word: Chuckie!! AGHHHH) 
  • Phobophobia – fear of having a phobia (HA HA HA HA HA) 
  • Stygiophobia – fear of Hell (Note if you suffer from this maybe you shouldn’t read my series…) 
  • Tetraphobia – fear of the number 4 (Why 4? Why not number 5 or 6 or 7….) 
  • Ornithophobia – fear/dislike of birds (It’s ME!!!!) 
  • Heliophobia/Heliophobic – aversion to sunlight (In other words: Vampires) 
  • Agyrophobia –The fear of crossing the road. (But how will they get to the other side??) 

*This list of fears and definitions was found at

So how about some of those fears?? Pretty interesting. It seems you can be afraid of anything. It makes me feel less crazy. LOL. Do you have a fear on this list? 

About the Author: 
Cambria Hebert is an author, a blogger and a latter sipper. She is obsessed with werewolves, afraid of chickens and she thinks math is human torture. In her spare time she likes to drive race cars, jump out of planes and eat donuts. Okay, not really. She doesn’t do any of that even though she really wants a donut. Cambria is the author of the Heven and Hell Series, look for the third novel in the series, Tirade, to be released November 2012.
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The Heven and Hell Series:
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Masquerade (Heven and Hell, #1)
Between (Heven and Hell, #1.5)
Charade (Heven and Hell, #2)

Ok, so I went ahead and visited the link. I had to see what it says about my other know clowns and all. Anyways, here's what I found and I believe it's solid proof that everyone needs to be afraid of clowns. 

Coulrophobia – fear of clowns (not restricted to evil clowns)

Apparently, there are evil clowns out there, beside the normal ones. Wikipedia says so...and I back it up. And Cambria, why did you had to go and say his name (yes, I am talking about Chuckie). He is the reason I am terrified of dolls. I watched the first 3 movies when I was 4. Freaking 4!!! I couldn't even read the subtitles. I am building up the courage to re-watch them again, hopefully to be done once and for all with this fear. Or...spent a few sleepless nights terrified to death.


  1. Girl, I am terrified of Chuckie too... *shivers*
    That movie was scary why would you want to re watch it??? AGH!
    And there are Totally evil clowns out there....
    I love this post. Thank you for posting it for me, its been so fun!

  2. LOVE this post!! I'm not afraid to say it!! :P

  3. OMGosh, I HATE clowns. They are SOOOOO creepy! I took the kids to the circus a few months back, there were clowns, EVERYWHERE! ACK! I wanted to run from them!

  4. Fear was designed to save our lives. I just don't get how they changed with the times.

  5. Soooo.... I have this strange fear of walking over those drain rails on the side walk or sewage covers... I don't know why... Wait I do know, lol I'm chubby, and I SWEAR that if I walk on them when I get to the middle it'll break and I'll fall a nice long distance to some gross sewage bottom, and then no one will haul my fat bleep out hahahaha so if there is one when I'm walking, I don't even notice but I'm walking all the way around it before I know it!! Ps I'm in new Orleans at Authors After Dark and I keep finding them everywhere lol!!!