Aug 10, 2012

Sit Down and Write, Write-a-Thon

This is not yet anothr read-a-thon, I'm participating and will be participating in a lot of those, so it seems that a write-a-thon would be a grea balancer. Actually studying and working on my thesis is what I need to do, but who wants to do that? So yes, this is a write-a-thon, and the first one I will be a part of.

Why am I participating?

Some of you (like 4-5 of you) might know that what I really want is to be a writer. I've been coming up with stories since I was in 5th grade, I have written down some of them and currently I am working in what will be my first published novel. I am too bored to translated anything else I have and publish it. For me those stories are over. So, since I've put so much time in reading lately I had no time to write a single word and this write-a-thon would be perfect for my novel. I really want to finish it by the end of August, although I highly doubt it, or at least by the end of September. And then there is all this editing and crap...That's the truly boring part. But someone has to do it.

Anyways, if you too want a puch to catch up with your writing (it can be reviews, posts, or anything else) you can join in the write-a-thon. I think it would be a great motivation.

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