Oct 26, 2014

Showcase Sunday #41 - October 2014

Inspired by Pop Culture Junkie and the Story Siren, the aim of Showcase Sunday is to highlight our newest books or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders each week. For more information about how this feature works and how to join in, click here.
~Vicky @ Books Biscuits and Tea

Hello everyone! Welcome to this month's Showcase Sunday. I bought quite a few new books this month, but I also read a lot so my TBR pile is almost the same. Still it's huge, though. Sometimes I wonder if there'll ever be a day when my pile would drop to single numbers, or double for that matter. Anyways, enough rambling, here are the beauties I got this month.

A Few Words:
Phew! These are a lot of new books. Can't say I'm complaining though. I am especially happy to get the first three books in the Wheel of Time series, see how the spines make one big image... I can't wait to have them all. They are going to look amazing on my shelves. Also I would like to thank H.D. Gordon and Liz Long for the review copies of their books. Ladies, I can't wait to read them. Also, I finally got the last two book in the Elemental series. If you know me, you would know that I am huge fangirl of the Merrick brothers. Finally, I am really excited to listen to The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, with the last book coming our next month this series is getting a lot of hype lately.


  1. Wow, that *is* a big haul! Although the Goosebumps books look like relatively short reads.

    I often wonder about that too... But I don't think it will ever happen. :D I don't buy too many books these days but with work and everything else I don't have as much time for reading as I used to have, so it takes me ages to get through my TBR. *sigh*

    I hope you enjoy all your new books!

  2. WOW. ONE BIG HAUL. Have fun with Secret, Sacrifice and Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, hope you'll love them.

    and do check mine too here

  3. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer was a little bizarre to me, but I know a lot of other readers loved it. Happy reading and thanks for stopping by The Readers Den! :)