Oct 12, 2014

October Scare: Top 10 Halloween Movies

Welcome to my first October Scare post. This week I will be talking about my top 10 favourite movies to watch during Halloween time. Almost all of them are horro movies. Horror is my favourite genre in movies so I had tons of them to choose from but I finally managed to to a top ten. However, they are not in any specific order, that would have taken me months to do. Here they are, my top 10 Halloween movies.

Halloween Movie #1
Scream Quadrilogy
Who doesn't love an awkward serial killer, who has no apparent (or good) motive for killing a bunch of high school kids. I love rewatching all four movies. They are so funny at times, I can't help commenting and laughing even while Ghostface is cutting someone.

Halloween Movie #2
The Final Destination Pentalogy
Yet another classic (at least for me) cult movie. The whole concept of this movie is brilliant. A bunch of people are in an accident that kills them all, but one of them has a vision of it and decides to stop it, saving them all. But death still comes after them. Taking their lives one by one. Because no one can cheat death. I admit this is quite cheesy and silly, but there is never a dull moment. There are so many creative ways one can 'accidentaly' die, that I am always curious to see what the writers will come up with next. And I always love the huge accident at the beginning of each movie. Also, after watching all five movies I was surprised in the connection between the whole story. It was a perfect ending.

Halloween Movie #3
Thir13en Ghosts (Thirteen Ghosts)
This movie is so creepy and has the most interesting set of ghosts I've ever seen in my life. Unfortunately the whole story is not that interesting. But the 12 ghosts living in the house are amazing. I was on their side all the time. The most interesting thing, that we didn't really get to see in the movie, was the background story of each ghost. In the DVD one could see who the ended up how they did and why they represented each ghost. Oh, and don't get me started on the house...It was amazing!

Halloween Movie #4
Joy Ride
The first movie I watched staring Paul Walker. Two friends flash begin playing with the radio on their car and mess with a truck driver. Unfortunately, it's the wrong truck driver. This movie has some very scary scenes, it keeps your blood pressure high and never disappoints.

Halloween Movie #5
When a Stranger Calls
This is one urban legend gone complete wrong (or right since I love this movie). I girl has to babysit for a very wealthy couple, who leaves in the middle of nowhere in the most beautiful house in the history of horror movies. I mean that house is reason enough for someone to watch this movie. What the babysitter doesn't know is that a serial killer is on the loose and she is his next target.

Halloween Movie #6
Urban Legends Movies
Talking about urban legends, this movie (or series of movies) is a must, even though the last one was just rubbish. Anyway, these movies have so many urban legends packed in a few hours. And one the first movie Jared Letto is starring, wo who doesn't want to watch those blue eyes parading on their screen?

Halloween Movie #7
This movie is brilliant. I watch back when it first came out and I had to watch it twice to fully notice everything that happened. It has a great story and premise. It will keep you guessing till the end. The are two storylines: the serial killer with a mental disorder and the group of people trapped in a motel with a killer between them. They way these two intertwine with each other is brilliant.

Halloween Movie #8
Freddy vs. Jason
I have to admit even though I knew the stories of both Jason from Friday the 13th and Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street, I could never manage to watch the dozens of movies in those series. Mainly because they are very old and the sound and image is annoying and disappointingly stupid. But!!! I found this 2003 production featuring both Freddy and Jason. And I loved it! Who knew Freddy Krueger was so hilarious. He was perfection, especially the way Robert Englund portraited him (I am not a big fan of the last Freddy). Who knew this showdown could be so epic. I seriously can't get tired of watching this movie over and over again. Go Team Freddy!

Halloween Movie #9
Trick 'r Treat
The perfect movie for Halloween. This is a collection of a few short scary events happening in a town during Halloween. They might seem irrelevant to one another but they are all connected in the end. This movie is so creepy and gory that I can't help but watch it each Halloween. And I jsut found out there is going to be another one in 2015!

Halloween Movie #10
Hocus Pocus
Finally the last movie of this top 10 is not a horror movie (what a surprise!) and it's kind of a classic. Hocus Pocus is the perfect movie for the whole family during Halloween. Great characters and a great story make one of my most watched movies during October. And the highlight of this movie is the three witches.

Tune in next Sunday for another October Scare. Next's week topic is Top 10 Halloween Reads.


  1. This is such a great list! I haven't watched any new horror movies as of late, because I am seriously a HUGE scaredy cat but a lot of these classics I have watched and they are perfect for Halloween! The Scream and FD movies terrified me to no end. I still think about that scene in Scream 3 when I'm in a theatre washroom :P And everytime I'm on the highway behind a tree-hauling truck, I always think about how it's going to fly off and behead me! I actually forgot about Thirteen Ghosts until right now, and I LOVED that movie. It terrified me at first but I watched it over and over and over because I loved Matthew Lillard and think he is just so witty. I think I might watch this again :) Hocus Pocus is definitely one that will be on my list this year, along with Halloweentown... gosh I love those movies haha.

    1. The Halloweentown movies barely didn't make it on the list. I jsut decided to showcase only one non-horror movie :)