Oct 4, 2014

Book Review: Spirit (Elemental, #3) by Brigid Kemmerer

Spirit (Elemental, #3)
by Brigid Kemmerer

I was very reluctant to read Hunter's story because even though I feel like the kid is genuinely good, he is not my favourite character, he is not even a Merrick. But I knew I had to if I wanted to read the rest of the series.

This book resembled the previous ones in the teenage angst, secrets, family problems, but was also very different in the fact that it didn't have a 'happy ending'. Hunter doesn't know who to trust, so he doesn't trust anyone, he is keeping everything inside, he has a very shitty family situation going on (which infuriated my BTW), everything pretty much in his life is going down hill. And then he meets a girl, Kate. It's not like things will turn completely good but at least there is something to keep his mind off everything bad in the world. But Kate has an angenda of her own, she is a Guide brought in town to terminate any Elementals, like the Merricks.

A lot of different things happen in this book. It's hard not to get mad at the world when you see it through Hunter's eyes. This kid really can't catch a break, I felt so sad for him but also wanted to smack him at times. It's like he was so headstrong that he eventually drove everyone against him. But still, Michael was always there. I have now even more respect for Michael. He always does the right thing :)

Anyways, during this book terrible things happened and the story progressed even more. In the end, everything fell into place, not the way I expected them too, but still it was a good ending, a realistic ending. I can't wait for Nick's book now, he is my favourite of them all. I hope that doesn't change.

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