Oct 29, 2014

October Scare: Top 10 Halloween Scares

With Halloween just around the corner, it is the perfect time for my top 10 scares. The list includes my fears, places and settings that creep the heck out of me and also my all time favourite horror show. All the scares listed are the things I am in search when I want to be terrified, which is usually everyday, since I am a horror junkie.

Halloween Scare #1
This is my worst fear by far. But can you really blame me? It by Stephen King is the one movie that I don't think I will be able to watch again with the lights off.

Halloween Scare #2
It all started with this guy. I watched the first movie, Child's Play, when I was 4 so you can guess that it really scared me and ever since then I am terrified of dolls. I re-watched the first movie a couple of years ago and even though it had some pretty cheesy moments I still loved it, because it still freaks me out.

Halloween Scare #3
Whenever there is a church in a movie I keep my eyes locked on the statues waiting for them to move. 

Halloween Scare #4
I was originally not going to post a pic for this scare but I gathered all my courage and searched for the one that usually comes to mind when I think of needles. I can't even talk about it. 

Halloween Scare #5
Freak Shows/Carnivals
Any type of Freak Show or Carnival scares me. That's why I try to visit them as much as possible. Also it might be because you can usually find clowns there.

Halloween Scare #6
Any kind of places that I know bad things happened freaks me out. Dark corridors, secrets, insane patients... what more could I need?

Halloween Scare #7
There are dead people buried there. That's all there is to it.

Halloween Scare #8
For me, sewers are like huge dark mazes that you don't know what you'll find behind each turn. Could be mice or a serial killer or even a bunch of vampires hiding from the sunlight. 

Halloween Scare #9
Cabin in the Woods
Any book, movie or situation that has the Cabin in the Woods factor, meaning a remote place where a bunch of people find something that's probably going to kill them, is the perfect scare setting for me. Even though usually things are very predictable as the movie Cabin in the Woods satirizes, I still enjoy them.

Halloween Scare #10
Harper's Island (TV show)
This is a one season TV show that I watch each year around this time. It is amazing for horror fans. The first time I watched it it blew my mind. I never guessed what the hell was happening. Amazing.


  1. American Horror Story covers about half of your scares. I love that show. I love the first few Saw movies, too.

    1. This American Horror Story season is my favourite, I found the previous ones not so much scary as sad and depressing. I love the Saw movies, especially after watching them all together, I finally realized what the hell was going on in the whole story. :)