Aug 29, 2014

Book Review: Tested (New World #3) by Janelle Stalder

Tested (New World #3)
by Janelle Stalder

This series was love at first page for me and I am really glad that the books just keep getting better. Tested is the third book in the New World series and it's the story of Missy and Tyler. So there are a few tiny spoilers from the previous books in this review, just so you know.

After Tyler gets abducted by a white van in the middle of the street, Missy is the only one who can go after him, since she is the only one the enemy hasn't seen yet. For the first time after her incident, Missy is out on her own, traveling from her home to the Eastern ghetto where is gets a job in the Institute where Tyler is kept. But the man she finds there is not the silent, gentle Tyler she once knew. Together the two of them have to find an escape before it's too late.

Janelle Stalder has a way of building amazing worlds that even if it's a messed up world as the New World you still want to live there. Also she creates these amazing characters you can't help but fall in love with. I mean each guy portrayed in this story is a fictional crush for me. Even the bad guy.

The only thing that I missed in this book was more Charlotte and Bridge time. There are so many cahracters and PoVs that we hardly got anything from their prespective. But at least we got a new set of sisters to follow around. And I am really excited for the next book, Underground, since it's about Phoenix and Trent. I love the chemistry between those two. I love couples that can't really stand each other in the beginning.

Anyway, this was my huge fangirl rant about this book. You seriously need to check this series out if you are a fan of New Adult, Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic, Action, Fantasy and pretty much anything.

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