Aug 7, 2014

Book Review: Dead Is Not An Option (Dead Is #5) by Marlene Perez

Dead Is Not An Option (Dead Is #5)
by Marlene Perez

This is the big finale to Daisy's story and it's grand, for sure. Daisy is in her last semester in High School and she is anxiously waiting for her acceptance letters but nothing seems to show up. In the mean time, her boyfriend, Ryan, is thinking of leaving Nightshade for college. Also, a huge fight between werewolves and vampires is about to start. Both sides have so casualties but Daisy is beginning to believe that the attacks are not by paranormal but by the Sourge, the organization hunting them. But who is really behind the Sourge? The bad guy could be closer than anyone thinks.

I am so glad that Daisy's story is over. I loved her throughout the first five books but I am ready to see Nightshade through someone else's eyes. This book was a great ending. Terrible things happened, we had some loses, but also some very exciting and happy news. And I was glad that the whole Sourge thing was resolved. I can't wait to see what Marlene Perez will do in the next books.

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  1. It is so nice that this ended well. I am curious about this series .I am going to go look it up.