Aug 18, 2014

Book Blitz: Redeeming Lainey by Kaitlyn Hoyt &GIVEAWAY

Redeeming Lainey
Release Date: 07/18/14

Summary from Goodreads:
When Lainey left the little farming town in Iowa on her eighteenth birthday, she thought she was finally free. She didn’t have to live in fear anymore wondering which day was going to be her last. For those two years, she was able to live in peace. She’d made a new friend, was going to a school she loved, and was setting the path for her future career.

That all changed with one phone call from her mother.

With the push of her best friend, Randi, Lainey goes back into the town she once promised was forever in her rear-view mirror. The dark memories of her past loom around every corner, and Lainey can’t seem to conquer the demons inside of her in order to fully move on.

Bryce, on the other hand, had moved on. During middle school and high school, Lainey was his best friend, and it tore him apart when she left with only a note. A simple note saying good-bye and have a great life.

Without his best friend around, Bryce’s life quickly spiraled out of control. He got into drugs, had some trouble with the law, and found himself partying a little too hard. Sweet Annabeth brought him out of that stage in his life, and ultimately saved his life.

With Lainey back in town, Bryce is at a loss at what do. She wants nothing to do with him or the town, but he is the only person who knows her full history and may be able to help her. Knowing that Lainey’s a flight risk, and with one wrong move, she’d pack everything up and leave again, Bryce steps out to help her find the one thing she doesn’t know she needs.


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“Don’t you want to smile when you look back on this time in your life and remember the ruggedly handsome fellow with the dark clothes, piercings, and random red streak in his hair who always hit on you but insisted he was only a friend?”
Even I can’t help but smile at him. “I guess that would be nice,” I tell him.
“Quit reading into things, ‘lil Lainey.”
“Quit calling me that.”
“Nope. It suits you.”
“We’ve already been through this,” I mumble, though it occurs to me that he just might be more stubborn than I am. Tyler crouches down next to the record player, grabs one of the records from the table, and gets to work putting it together. I watch his hands work, hoping I’ll be able to repeat the process when he’s not here.
“Exactly, so you should know you’re arguing a losing point. I’m going to keep calling you ‘lil Lainey,” Tyler says as he gently drops the needle onto the record. Neither one of us moves, waiting to see if it’ll actually work. It’s been sitting at the bottom of my closet for years, so there’s no telling if it’ll play anything anymore.
The record remains spinning, and after a few seconds we hear something. Tyler grins up at me when the rich orchestrated music starts playing. It still works. When Frank Sinatra’s voice starts singing, Tyler stands and walks over to me, his right hand extended.
“May I have this dance, ‘lil Lainey?”

About the Author
Currently a student at Ball State University, Kaitlyn Hoyt is pursuing her passion for writing while working towards a Wildlife Biology and Conservation degree. Vegetarian. Proud tree-hugger. Lover of comic book movies. Avid Reader. She has an unhealthy obsession for the soothing music of Josh Groban. She discovered her love for writing during the summer of 2012 and hasn’t stopped writing since!
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