Nov 1, 2012

Fire & Ice Blog Hop

Cambria Hebert
Fiery Hot Reads for Icy Cold Nights is here! Well, not exactly... Starting January 28th and running till March 1st me and 4 more amazing bloggers will be hosting this Blog Hop Event. Each week one of us will be responsible to post and promote each day's giveaways, interviews, guest post etc.

Anyone can sign up. The only thing you have to do is pick a book with romance in it, as heavy or light as you want, as long as there is some and it is not erotica. On the day of your post you can either review the book, do an author/character interview, a author guest post or whatever else you can think of and then you must giveaway the book. As simple as that.

So pick your date and contact the hostess for that week. Here's the schedule:
  • Jan. 28-Feb. 2nd: hosted by Heidi@Rainy Day Ramblings. Contact Heidi at 
  • Feb. 3- Feb. 9: hosted by CambriaHebert. Contact Cambria at
  • Feb. 10 - Feb. 16: hosted by Christy@Love of Books. Contact Christy at
  • Feb. 17 - Feb.23: hosted by Kimba@The Caffeinated Reviewer. Contact Kimba at
  • Feb. 24 - Mar. 1: hosted by Veronica@Mostly Reviews. Contact Veronica at
You will be able to find the full schedule in a few days in my Fire & Ice page on the blog. I will try to keep it as up to date as possible. If you want to grab a button or banner for the event visit Cambria's site. She is the one who made these great buttons.
Cambria Hebert


  1. Yeah! Can't wait to do this hop..I worked on the calendar yesterday and I will be getting it up on my blog later today!

    1. Good I'll copy it once you post it :)