Nov 20, 2012

Finders Keepers (Gifted #4) by Marilyn Kaye

The Gifted group is back once more. In the fourth book of the series we get to see through Ken's eyes. Ken has the abiblity to talk to dead people. He keeps thinking that his gift is nothing special, nothing that the bad guys who attacked many of his gifted classmates would want. So, when the opportunity to help a poor boy in a seanse arrives he gets to see that maybe his gift can do some good after all.

This book was really good. Ken's story was finally brought to ligth. His accident and his painful and tragic past and finally how he became aware of his gift. He was a decent character to get to know. Although once again my favourite part of the story was Amanda's part in it. I am really glad that even though we got to know her really well in the first book she is still a very interesting character to be around.

The story had the usual pattern that the Gifted books have. Some bad guys try to use the kids and their powers for their own purposes, but just like the previous book there is more to them. They are all working together and there is a bigger plan that we still don't know anything about.

I can't wait to see what will happen next and what this big bad plan is.

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  1. interesting book. interesting review. gorgeous cover models.....definitely very interesting.

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