Nov 12, 2012

Charade Read along Week Two

Questions for Week Two Chapters 7-13

1. Heven’s mom has a new boyfriend that Heven doesn’t really like. Have you ever disliked a boyfriend/girlfriend of family member’s significant other? Did you tell them or just try to get along?

Usually I don't like my brothers girlfriends, but even if I voice my opinion he doesn't really care. So I don't really bother.

2. Kimber is acting weird… weirder than usual. Any predictions? Have you ever known anyone like Kimber?

I know! I know! Read Bewitched! Seriously... I don't think I've ever known anyone like Kimber. I try to stay clear of people like her.

3. Heven is getting a new “supernatural” power. If you could have one which would you choose?

I answered this again in the first read-a-thon. I love fire power, so to be able to create and use fire as I want would be really cool. :)

4. In this set of chapters we find out something about Cole. Were you surprised?

Yeap! Totally surprised. I mean you could tell that there was something going on, but no idea what exactly it was.

5. Heven has someone invading her dreams. What is the scariest or wackiest dream you have ever had?

God!!! There are so many! I usually see that someone is after me to kill me but that doen't really make the dream bad, just exciting, since they never catch me. But I had my share of bad dreams I just can't remember any right now.


  1. When I finish Charade I'll definitely be reading Bewitched. Can't wait to see what is going on with Kimber. Fire would be cool! I have so many powers I want! I was so surprised about Cole and Heven especially after they kissed! Yucky! I have had some really bad dreams but I thought it would be more fun to share the kind of wacky ones like me losing my teeth even though that is scary too!

  2. LOL!! You think dreams where someone wants to kill you is exciting? Well I think its scary!!! But it is good they never catch you. One time i dreamed that and the killer caught me but I killed him first.... LOL! Muh haha hahahahahhaha.
    thanks fori joining!!! :)

  3. You will probably remember a whole host of dream when you start reading other answers. At least there are no steam rollers. Fire power would be mighty handy on a day like today I ma looking out at cold, gray wetness here in Oregon! I agree I have not ever been friends with a drama queen like Kimber, nor do I want to be!

  4. If I could have a superpower, I think I'd go with super healing. Every book I read, the good guy gets so majorly beat up. If you could just heal all that damage like it were merely a bruise, life would be so much easier.