Nov 25, 2012

Charade Read Along Week Four

Chapters 21-24

1. Did you have a favorite part in this book?
I think that every single thing that happened in Rome was my favorite part of this book. Starting reading Charade I couldn't wait for the characters to go to Rome. I still wish it happened earlier and lasted longer.

2. The characters travel to hell in hopes to get the scroll back. I would say hell is the worst place they have ever been. Where is the WORST place you have ever been?
Hmmm...that's a very interesting question and one I would have to think for a while, since I never considered it. I honestly can't thing of anything. I mostly remember the places I enjoyed. And growing up I loved every place I found myself at.

3. Heven steps in front of a chain to protect Sam and is injured. She will be scarred again. Do you think she will act the same way as before or do you think that she is a different person now?
I never wanted Heven to lose her scares in the first place, I knew that she should wear them with pride after she managed to look past them and find out who she truly was, so I can say that I liked the fact that Cambria scarred her once again. I am sure this time she is going to live up to my expectations and won't hide herself.

4. We now know why Logan was acting so odd. How do you think he will be now that the demon is gone?
I am currently reading Tirade so I know how he is going to be, but while I was reading Charade I thought he'd be broken after a demon used his body like that, I wasn't that far off. Maybe he was a bit stronger than I thought.

5. Any predictions for the next book in the series, Tirade? 
HA! I need to go back to reading this one. I am only at the first half of the book. But, for the things I still haven't read, I believe that Heven is going to save Sam after all and that Gemma and Cole will get closer and closer. And for some reason I still fear (ever since the first book) that Heven's grandmother will die. Don't know when, but I have a feeling it's coming.

Link up your answers for this week's questions and get ready for next week's Friday post by Cambria. She is going to announce the giveaway winners announced and there's going to be a celebration for the release of Tirade, the next book in the series.


  1. I agree I wanted more of Rome as well. I hope Grandma doesn't die. I a
    so agree about not wanting Heven to lose her scars I think it is good that she has one again. I can't wait to see how much she grows in Tirade. I have my fingers crossed for Kimber.

  2. Great reply this week! Love reading your answers!!! I hope you are enjoying Tirade. And I want to just tell you know... Gran doesn not die in Tirade. Don't worry about that. I only told you because I know that feeling of dred when reading a book and not wanting soemthing to happen. So no worries. Gran is stronger than she looks!
    Anyway, thank you for hosting this week, you are always so supportive and I appreciate it so much!

  3. You're already reading Tirade? Hopefully I can start it in December. Ugh, I've been having bad feelings that Grandma is going to die too. I hope not though.

  4. I enjoyed the Rome parts as well. I love travel scenes since I don't get to travel. I think Heven will be strong and wear her scars as bravery and courage. I am sad that she is scared again though. I am curious as what Logan will be like next. Hopefully nicer. I hope Heven saves Sam soon!

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  6. (I deleted the last post because of typos. Lol.)

    Hi, Veronica!

    Sorry for the delay in coming over to see your answers. It's been a VERY busy week!!

    Although I picked the Dream Walker scenes as my favorite parts of the book, I also liked the whole scenario in Rome. I would LOVE to go to Italy!! I thought that the fight with the demons underneath the Colosseum was incredible! Cambria has such a GREAT imagination!

    I'm glad you haven't been in any really bad places. You lucky girl!

    Well, to be honest with you, I didn't like that Heven got scarred again. However, I think all of us agree that THIS time, she will cope with the situation MUCH better. She won't hide behind her hair anymore (heck, she chopped it all off!) She has too much self-confidence now!!

    Hmmm....yeah, I thought the same thing. But he's a tough little guy. I'm glad, too, because I do like him a lot! I think it's very touching, the way he looks up to Sam.

    I'm expecting the same things you are, except that I don't want Gran to die!!! Cambria said, in her comment above, that no, Gran will NOT die. YAY!!!! I remember the last time a beloved character died, in one of the Harry Potter books... I cried and cried and CRIED. Then I couldn't go back to finish the book. I am SO freaking glad that Gran won't die!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your great answers!! : )