May 31, 2012

May Wrap-Up

It is finally the end of Spring and although I love spring when the summer comes to usually means less work and more fun. Although I am at my final year and I am about to graduate in September from Uni which means that I have my dissertation to finish by then, needless to say I prefer to reaf fiction! Anyways, the last month was a very busy reading month. I manage to finish 8 books which is more than I usually do and it was all thanks to the read-a-thon I was participating in. Best week of the month, can't wait for the next one. Let's get into details...

Books I read:
       Katana                                          Emotionally Chrged
by Cole Gibsen                                    by Selina Fenech
(my review)                                            (my review)

      The Dark Lake                           The Girl in the Steel Corset
by Anthea Carson                                 by Kady Cross
(my review)                                            (my review)

         Charade                                    Anna Dressed In Blood
by Cambria Hebert                               by Kendare Blake
(my review)                                           (my review)

Bad Taste in Boys                                      Darkhouse
   by Carrie Harris                                     by Karina Halle
(my review)                                            (my review)

Giveaways I hosted:


Books I started in May and I am still reading:

So this was it for May, now on to June. To celebrate I also designed a new header and button for my blog. It was about time for a small make over.

Feel free to link your wrap-up posts in the comments.


  1. Best wishes in your studies!

    Happy June reading!

  2. Good luck for your studies and thesis! :) Hope you'll find some time to read despite your busy schedule.

    My wrap-up post