May 16, 2012

Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna #1) by Kendare Blake

Cas is a ghost hunter. He moves from town to town, following leads on ghosts that are hunting and killing humans and he gets rid of them before they can hurt anyone else. His latest stop is a town in Canada and his latest ghost is Anna. Anna dressed in blood. This time is different. Anna is not your typical midnless humankilling ghost. She is more. More than Cas expected and more than he can hundle. And this time more people are getting involved. The high school's queen bee, the weird witch kid and a few more. With the help, and usual protest, of them Cas will have to find a way to stop Anna even if that means losing her forever.

This book is amazing. It had me begging for more once it was over. I loved all the characters even the jerky ones. Cas was brave, a little lonely and I just wanted to hug him whenever he was vulnerable. Anna was the most amazing girl you can read about. After learning what happened to her, all the horrible details, I liked her even more, she was brave and strong and willing to put her self in danger for the ones she cared about. Thomas and Carmel were also great characters. Carmel is actually my favorite character of the book. In the beginning I though I wouldn't like her, that she was just another Prom queen, but she is not as girly as she seems to be, more brave than anyone else in the book and so much smarter than I expected. Great female character.

Besides the amazing characters I loved the story. Anna's past, Cas's memories and how they both led into something so much more in the end. The story turned out to be amazing. And OMG I loved the ending. I was literally screaming "Go Cas" when I closed the book. I can't wait for book two. I wonder what new ghosts Cas and the rest of them will meet.


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  1. I've heard so many awesome things about this book - really do need to get my hands on a copy!

    Glad you enjoyed it, and great review!

  2. I know this book rocks! I loved Carmel and Thomas, too. I hope they get together. This book sure gets your emotions all over, fear, pity, horror, happiness, scared it has it all! I can't wait for Girl of Nightmares!

  3. I definitely have read the book. It seems amazing!

  4. I loved this creepy book, but I´m not so happy with the sequel. I´m reading it for weeks now...:(

  5. i love scary book...i want to read anna but i have to buy the book first...
    thx 4 the review...make me wanna buy this bok (well maybe next month :p)

  6. I'm curious about this book, is the story as scary as the cover :p