May 8, 2012

Katana by Cole Gibsen

Rileigh never expected her life to turn from skate boarding and hunging with her friend Q to getting attack and beating guys twice her size every other night. But it did. Rileigh is the reincarnation of a great samurai and soon she finds out that there are more people like her, people that know her from her past life and people that want to bring her back fully aware of who she used to be. Beside these new "friends" there are also new enemies and Rileigh can trust no one, only the voice inside her head which isn't even hers.

I really loved all the action in this book. Rileigh, taken over by the spirit of Senshi, did some serious beating. I loved who even though sometimes she wasn't sure who she was she didn't want to lose herself into the memories of her past life and fought strong enough to not let that happen until the end. We were more focused on her story, with flushes from her past life, which were one of the best parts in the book if only there were more. I loved how her friend Q was always there, always by her side no matter what. Also Kim, her soul-mate from her past life, had all the glory of the samurai of the sengoku era. 

I am a huge fan of anything Japanese so of course I really liked this book. I would love it even more if it wasn't so focused on Rileigh but had all the other great characters in the spotlight a little bit more. Reading through the end I thought this was a stand-alone but then I found out there is going to be another book coming out, so I can't wait to see what will happen now that Rileigh actually knows who she is and accepts it.

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  1. A very good review without spoilers. I read/reviewed this one recently, too. I liked Rileigh's newfound kick butt nature. My only disappointment was her reluctance to change. I think she should have embraced it more than fight it.