Nov 2, 2011

Old Times Giveaway Winner

Yesterday I choose the winner of my giveaway!
I wrote down all the entries with corresponding numbers beside them.
Then I wrote all the numbers in smaller papers and throw them in a bowl, yeap and actual bowl, yellow, plastic and all!
That's my bowl, filled with your guys entries...
The next step, and my personal fav was the picking one out... And the one that made it was number 36!!!

Which belongs to Demijel
I contacted her and the book she picked is

So, this was pretty much it! I was really excited to have done my first giveaway, and to have 40 entries, I wasn't expecting them at all! :) My followers now are up at 90 so you can all wait for my next giveaway when I reach 100. I only need to decide on the theme of it. If you have any ideas post them as comments!

Thanks again everyone for wntering!


  1. Ah~ Why not 35?! xD
    Congrats to Demijel~ ^^

    5 more followers to 100! :D
    Since your last giveaway theme was 'Old Times', why not give away new releases (of the month/year?) for your next one?
    I myself would like some new books on my shelf xD

  2. Congrats Demi! So lucky ;)