Nov 12, 2011

Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This book was love at first page!

This is the story of Kali, a girl just like anyone else, but only every other day. Because the days she is a normal teenager she is a hunter of every pretenatural being that is lurking in the shadows of her world. Really one of kind, she had always spend her life alone, until a girl at her school talks to her and starts making her way through her heart. At the same day she makes the choise to save one of the school's cheerleaders from the deadly parasite that had gotten into her body somehow. Now the three girls find themselves together, trying to figure out how it all happened and who are the people after them.

I really loved everything about this book. The world, that was almost like our own, with just one tiny twist in evolution, making it so much different. The characters! I was a big fan of Kali at the beggining of the book, but later on I found myself more attached to Bethany and Skylar, they were both strong and brave in their own way, never giving up and never letting Kali down. Another think I loved was the storyline, everything happened so fast, there was no boring momment and although I felt a little but sad with the ending I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Oooh. This sounds like a really fascinating read! I may have to add it to my TBR list :-)

    Thanks for the review!

    A Daydreamer's Thoughts

  2. Nice review! Loved reading this with you guys!