Nov 5, 2011

My Project 10

After taking a good, long look at my bookcase and making a To-Read collection on my Kindle I decided that it was time for some detoxification. So, I'm making my own Project 10 (I got the idea from a group on goodreads, can't remember which one...).

Project 10 is a plan to read ten books before awarding yourself with a new book (or two in my case :P)

I'm not really sure on the first ten books I'll read and I'm probably gonna read something not in the following list instead, but I'm going to list them anyways.




So this is my list and after I am done with them I'll get two new books!


  1. Woohoo! Great idea girlie hope you get through them quick!

  2. This is a GREAT idea but I'm kinda jealous you have all these books! Let me know when you start posting reviews for these :)