Nov 24, 2011

Dark Secrets 1 by Elizabeth Chandler

This book consists of two stories taking place in the same town, Wisteria.

Legacy of Lies 
Megan visits her grandmother on Wisteria for the first time. The old woman seems really annoyed to have her there and always tries to make Megan and her step-cousin fight. Megan realizes that the house her grandmother lives is the one she had dreamed many times in the past. When she starts waking in other rooms without knowing how she got there and things start changing place, Megan discovers the cruel history of the Scarborough family and finds herself in the middle of it. Past and present are linked together and it's true what they say: Karma is a b*tch! 

Don't Tell
After the mysterious death of her mother, Lauren had never visited Wisteria again. Now, after seven years, she finally accepted an invitation from her godmother and returned to the place her worst nightmare came to life. Some weird things start happening and Lauren is reminded of her mother's last days. Now she is afraid that maybe her mother's death wasn't an accident and maybe the same person is after her. 

Both of the stories were full of mystery and unexpected twists and turns. I especially loved the second story, I even figured out the murderer. All through the book I was wondering "Who did it?". It was really exciting thinking over what happened and trying to fit the pieces in my own mind. 

A must-read for anyone looking for a mystery or a story that may keep you awake at night. Both creepy and sweet. I need the next ones!!!


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