Nov 20, 2011

Arrived This Week [Nov.14 - Nov.20]

Ok, so you know how I'm trying to reduce my to-read list and not buying any books until I read ten I already have. It's not really working! :P I don't buy any books, but my to-read list still is growing and growing. The ones to blame are NetGalley and the authors out there that trust me with their books. (Just joking, I love receiving all those books). So, let's see what I got this week.

From NetGalley:
Both books' pub dates are due to next month, so I'll be reviewing them soon.

From Authors:
I'm already reading Masquerade and I'm loving it! And I'll read Swirls next month.

Won at Giveaways:
Earth is actually the first paperback I ever won and it's also the first signed book I have! So I am really excited about reading it :)

From Patrick at Sea Lion Books:
These are both Graphic Novels and the first ones I've ever read. I received even more of them but I'll post them next week. There will be a Dark Swan, Storm Born review posted soon.

So this is it! What did you receive the last week?


  1. The Touch of Power is one book that I am highly excited for and cannot wait to get my hands on so I hope that you enjoy it! And Masquerade sounds really interesting too and am glad to see that you seem to like it thus far!!

    Here's what I got In My Mailbox this week!


  2. Swirl sounds interesting! I am so pumped - I got Tales of Beedle the Bard (Rowling) via a trade this weekend. I am such a fan lol. I usually don't do IMMs but I think I'm going to do one this week just fot that xD