Oct 31, 2011

Nash of the Thieves' Guild by Tony Passarelli

The City of Port Gardale is under the rule of the God King. The Thieves’ Guild is a secret organization that operates in the shadows and back alleyways of the Port City. Life can be hard for a thief, especially hard for a boy thief...
Meet Nash of the Thieves’ Guild; he knows the meaning of hard because he is desperate.
Desperate for a virgin and desperate to stay alive!
Will the young thief spill his oats or will his deadly rival Jadrien spill his beans?
Fun and frolics, thrills 'n spills. It's time for high adventure where life is sweet and danger is only one footstep away.

A short funny story that kept a smile on my face.

Nash is a boy from the Thieves' Guild trying to protect himself and the guild from an uprising thieve with dark motives. To do so he follows him around and finally decides on a plan considering the help from the local whore-house.

The book is fast paced, funny and really makes you want to read more. Like it has happened so many times before when I read a short stroy...I want more. I'd love to read more stories about Nash growing up in the Thieves' Guild and facing more dangers.

The story is well written and the author does his job from page one. The book can keep your attention and stimulate your imagination.

Still wishing it was a full size book...

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  1. Thank you for the review Veronica.

    You will be pleased to hear that Nash, Bena and Rooven will be back in my fantasy series of novels entitled The Book of Biden.

    The Mostly Review site is one of the most stylish book blogs I have come across.