Oct 1, 2011

October Plans and September Memories

The month has changed and Fall is finally starting to show. No more T-shirts, I got bored of them!
So, first I'll talk about things regarding the Month of September. As you can see, I changed the "Book of the (last) Month" to Hex Hall, it was by far the best I read in September and I have the next on waiting for me.

Me: "Wait for me Demonglass, I only have like a million books to read before I start with you"
Demonglass: ...

You didn't expect it to answer, did you?

Anyways, moving on to the best movie I watched in September, this one has to be Pirates of Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

The movie was fun, with a lot of adventure, battles and mermaids! Johny Depp was Hilarious as ever. I love the character of Jack Sparrow. I also liked the fact that the story wasn't strongly connected with the last three movies. I was beggining to getting tired of Will and Elizabeth. Now this one is pure-Captain Sparrow-crazy and I love it.

Now, song of September. Hmmm, that's a hard one, but I think I got it. After watching Fast Five, you know Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, hot guys, great cars and the most exciting robbery of all time, I fell in love with one song. And here it is. 

Danza Kuduro

Moving on with the Month of October and my plans for it.

I'm struggling to finish A Game of Thrones and I'm almost done! It took me quite some time. So after I'm done with it my to-read list includes:

Not necessarily in this order. I just hope I'll make it through all of them, although I'm not so sure, they're many and I have uni... Hate studying!

Certainly I'll watch whaterver comes to mind but the ones that I must watch are:

  • Drive Angry
  • Source Code (Jake is always so cute!)

If you have any more suggestions or questions feel free to comment.


  1. PotC is the best :)
    Can't wait for you to read Drink, Slay, Love!
    Source Code was an amazing movie
    Have you watched The Help yet?

  2. @anaavu: I agree about PotC. Still haven't read Drink, Slay, Love and haven't watched Soure Code...
    And no I haven't watched the Help...yet! I have to put it on my to watch list :)

  3. You must you must!