Oct 16, 2011

Arrived This Week [Oct.10 - Oct.16]

This week, surprisingly, all my arrivals were e-books, my shelve must be so happy I didn't burden it with even more books.
This was also the week I Signed Up at NetGalley and become a Goodreads Librarian so it's a really great week! :)
Let's list the arrivals:

From NetGalley:

1.The emperor's knife
2.The Warrior Heir
3.Every Ohter Day

From Smashwords:

4.Strange Magic
5.Broken City

From the authors:

6.The Black Orb
7.Clara Claus
8.Leftover Shorts

I'm currently reading Clara Claus and next on my list is The Black Orb and Broken City.

What arrivals did you had this week?


  1. Hiii

    I found your link on goodreads
    nicee blog you have a new follower


  2. Thanks for following me. I just visited your blog and did the same! :)

  3. Goodreads librarian??