Oct 24, 2011

The Black Orb by Sabine A. Reed

The Black Orb is absorbing all the magic from the Kingdom of Azmeer. The Queen is using its power to turn her armies into mindless zombies who care only about her. Aria never thought her brother would be one of them, but when the Queen's army takes him away to join them, she decides to save him. With the help of a weird old man, who is so much more than he originally seems, they travel to the Queen's city only to find her brother already under her spell. The old man tells Aria that the only way to stop the Orb and save her brother is the Dragon Claw, a mystical weapon with more power than anything else, they set out to find it and so their journey begins.

The world that Sabine A. Reed created was beautiful. A lot of magic, different races and so many beautiful sceneries. If only the book was bigger like over 400 pages it'd be so much better. I'd love to get a good description of everything and get some more detailed scenes and history facts. But it was a great fast read, with lots of adventure and...no romance, I loved especially that part, it was kind of refreshing!

I had a hard time connecting with the characters, in the end I didn't care if they lived or died, which usualy doesn't happen. The character of Aria was strong and devoted to her brother and cause but it felt like something was missing.

The writing style is really beautiful. It seems like the author gave thought every word and created a masterpiece. Some of the descriptions were so beautiful that got me lost in the poetry of everything.

I reccomend this to anyone who wants a fast read, full of adventure, magic and no romance!


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