Sep 29, 2015

Manga Review: Doubt by Yoshiki Tonogai

by Yoshiki Tonogai

(Whole series review, no spoilers)

Maybe it was a bad idea to read this right before going to bed. Firstly, because I started thinking I will only read volumes 1 and 2 but then ended up reading the whole thing, and picking up the creators next series. Once you start this make sure you have all the volumes because you will need to know who the wolf is.

Okay, let me explain the game that this series is about, Doubt Rabbit. There is a group of people (the rabbits) but amongst them there is a hidden killer (the wolf). Every night the wolf will kill one of the other rabbits. Every day the rabbits will decide to kill one of their group, the one they believe is the wolf. The wolf will try to manipulate them into killing each other until he is the only left. And that's Doubt Rabbit. Kind of reminds me of Palermo, if you know the game.

Anyways, in Doubt a group of people that actually play the game online get trapped and are forced to play the game in real life. With a real killer and real victims.

I had one suspect from the very first chapter and even though I was right, this book had so many more surprises I didn't see coming. Really creepy, gave me a lot of chills and made me look under my bed. So, if you pick this one up, be prepared for a wild ride.

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