Sep 8, 2015

Book Review: Moby Clique (Bard Academy, #3) by Cara Lockwood

Moby Clique (Bard Academy, #3)
by Cara Lockwood 

Junior year at Bard Academy is not going to be everything Miranda hoped for. This time around her little sister Lindsay is coming to Bard too. And Miranda is not so happy about that. Lindsay always tries to follow the in crowd which leads her to befriend Miranda's nemesis Parker. Also, Heathcliff is back but she is forbidden from being involved with him which seems almost impossible. Moreover, Ryan, her ex, seems to be taking an interest in her little sister which brings confusing feelings to Miranda. Before she even has time to decide what she is feeling for either boy, Bard students are starting to disappear and Miranda's sister is one of them. On a desperate attempt to save her Miranda and her friends, along with Heaftcliff, Ryan and Parker will go a trip through the forest searching for Lindsay which will lead to them uncovering yet another plot of a ghost to leave Bard.

The thing that frustrated me most about this book was that Miranda couldn't make up her mind about Ryan and Hearhcliff. I hate it when there is so much boy drama and especially when the main character can't just say 'To hell with both of them, I have a sister to save'. It made Miranda act a bit out of character from the previous books. But thankfully all that was resolved by the end and we got to experience quite a lot of pirate action.

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