Sep 15, 2015

Cover Reveal: The Immortals Part Two: Allies & Enemies

Book Title: The Immortals Part Two: Allies & Enemies
Genre: Fantasy 
Release Date: TBD (currently approx. late October)

Synopsis/back cover blurb:

A mortal who believes in a different god.
A spy who once betrayed an entire tribe.
Who are their allies and who are their enemies?

Ivo, Jaeger, Jadeth, and Emaranthe are tasked with locating a lost city and to find it they need a map long held by their enemies. Traitors and rebels have flocked to join the Dro-Aconi, taking sides in a war meant to end all wars. When our heroes are joined by a spy seeking redemption, and a mortal seeking his destiny, the quest becomes one of life and death, love and loss, deceit and hope. Will they find the map in time? Or will they discover enemies among allies?

Shadows & Starstone (The Immortals #1)

A thousand years ago the gods known as The Four created the Immortals to protect and defend their world against an invader known as the Dro-Aconi—and then vanished. Left to fend for themselves, the three races of Ein-Aral and the Immortals banded together to save the world.
Part One: Shadows and Starstone
Ivo, Jaeger, Jadeth, and Emaranthe must protect a desert village and its hoard of Starstone, a power source that can aid the Dro-Aconi’s plans for the dominion over Ein-Aral. Can the companions battle inner demons long enough to defeat legions of enemies and keep the enemy from seizing the Starstone?

Cheryl lives in Southern California with her husband and 2 sons. Her books The Unknown Sun and The Immortals Part One: Shadows & Starstone are both young adult fantasy and available at Amazon. Part Two: Allies & Enemies will be available soon!

She has a MFA in Creative Writing and enjoys games, reading and, of course, writing. She currently has a flash fiction story published online at The Prompt Magazine.

Her favorite genres to write and read are fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, space opera, and steam punk.

Please feel free to contact/follow/engage with her on face book at, twitter @writezalot, and her website

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