Nov 12, 2014

Book Review: Remember Me & The Return Part I by Christopher Pike

Remember Me & The Return Part I (Remember Me #1-2)
by Christopher Pike

Remember Me - Rating: 4.5/5

Remember Me is the story of Shari, and it all begins the night she falls of a balcony. Shari was at a firends house for her birthday party. When most of the guests had left the remaining kids decided to call up the dead. Everything liked they were actually talking to a spirit when all of a sudden Shari decided to break the connection and walked to the balcony for some fresh air. A few minutes later she was found lying at the ground, two floors beneath the balcony. Was it murder or suicide? Shari wakes up the next morning in her bed not sure of what happened. Soon she will figure out she is a ghost. Even though it seems like she is not alone in this world between dead and alive she can't leave until she figures out what happened to her.

This was a great ghost/murder-mystery story. It had everything I love in those kind of stories. The friends who all seemed suspicious. It was really hard to figure out how anyone would have killed Shari by their stories. As I kept on reading and guessing, I was surprised that after a few revelations things started making sense, terrifying sense. There is a big secret that readers will unveil by the end of this book that really shocked me. It was a great twist. This book was dark and twisted. Yet, Shari is a character that, to me at least, seemed very pure and good-hearted. I felt sad for what happened to her and by the end of this book I really admired her strength.

The Return Part I - Rating: 3.5/5

This is the first half of The Return, book #2 in the Remember Me trilogy. I don't know if it's a pattern of Pike's but just like after reading Chain Letter and its sequel I feel like there was no reason for any more books with the same MC. Shari's story was over in the first book for me. It was a beautiful, yet tragic story. There was truly no need for a sequel. However, I started reading The Return and it wasn't as bad as I expected, still it wasn't as good as Remember Me. Keep in mind that this only about the first half of this book.

The story takes a very weird turn. Shari is a ghost but still lingers in our world. She gets a speciel offer, to enter someone else's body, a girl who was about to take her life, and resume living as her. Shari takes the chance and is back in our world. However, for the first half of this book there were a lot of unnecessary philosophical questions posed by Shari and her afterlife 'guide'. A lot of afterlife wonders that I believe make the book slow and a bit boring. Yet, I really want to see how the rest of the story will play out now that Shari is finally back.

Overall Rating:

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