Nov 9, 2014

Book Review: Prince of Thorns (The Broken Empire, #1) by Mark Lawrence

Prince of Thorns (The Broken Empire, #1)
by Mark Lawrence

This was very different from the fantasy books I usually read. First of all, it was extremely dark. The MC, Jorg, is not a good person, at all. And even though I always try to have hope for the main characters of a book, he made it really hard for me to like him. Actually, I can say that I don't like him at all, his decisions always harmed others and he didn't really cared who he had to kill to reach his goal. However, that didn't stopped me from loving him. Jorg is such a dark character, he had given up hope completely, there is no light for him. Yet, being inside his twisted mind I didn't find myself feeling sorry for him, even though he had been through some terrible things. Instead, I found myself admiring some of his choices, his strength, his insanity and his genius.

Mark Lawrence's writing style really brings this story to life. It was extremely fast paced, there were no chapters where something important to the storyline didn't happen. There were a lot of battles and action. Unfortunately, this took a little away from world building. There are still a ton of questions I have about this dystopian world and how it came to be. Also we didn't get to know there rest of the characters that well. We saw everything through Jorg's eyes, but for the most of the book he was willingly blind to the people around him, so I still don't know what to expect from the rest of the cast. However this was just a slight drawback. Having this book being so fast paced really made up for every little negative thing.

I am really glad I already ordered King of Thorns, because even though Jorg is a very dark and vile character I just can't help being drawn to him.

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  1. I love dark fantasy and vile characters =) Sounds like something I would love. Thanks for sharing!