Mar 22, 2014

Book Review: Titanium (Bionics #2) by Alicia Michaels

Titanium (Bionics #2)
by Alicia Michaels

The second book in the Bionics series, Titanium, is all about Dax. Blythe's best friend. The story is from his point of view and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Dax is a great guy to be inside his head.

This time around there is more action and fighting. A lot of hot kissing too. But mostly action. It was nice to see the Resistance army fighting against the government. This book picks up exactly after Bionics ends. The Resistance is about to go on a double mission to save some Bionics prisoners who will be executed soon.

I loved this book. Dax is...well Dax. He is pretty awesome. I totally root for him and Blythe, although I believe I will get disappointed at the end. Anyways, it was still great to be inside his head and finally learn his story. Now, on to the next book.

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