Mar 13, 2012

Tell Me Something Tuesday #3

This is a weekly meme hosted by Cambria @ Each week there is a different question to be answered.

This week's tell me something:

Have you ever participated in a Book club, buddy read or Read along?

My answer:

I have never participated in a Book club in real life, but whenever my best friend reads a book she has to talk about every detail of it, I feel like I've read her books too. Thank goodness she doesn't read that much and whenever she asks me for a book I make sure to read it first. 

I have only participated in some buddy reads on Goodreads groups, they were really fun. It's really nice to hear all the different opinions while you are reading a book. There were some times that I wished someone was reading a book at the same time with just so I could discuss all my theories and whatever comes to mind, and trust me there's a lot.

Now about Read alongs...well, I've never been a part of one but I am about too! I will announce today a Read Along of which I would actually be one of the four hosts, so I guess yet again, I am not really participating in one... Oh what the heck...Maybe I will in the future.


  1. Great answer!!! LOL! Your friend sounds like a book ruiner!! But that would be fun if you had read the book Before her (like you do, lol) i have afriend as well that we discuss all the stuff we read but we both read it first so maybe that would be more of a Book Duo instead of a club...... Bah ha ha!!!
    Thanks for joining in TMST!!

  2. Yay for Read Alongs where you can discuss the book but boo for those that give way too many spoilers!

    I am so thankfully that so far I haven't had that happen to me yet. I think I would be upset!

    Great answer Veronica!! :)

  3. Veronica read alongs are so fun, seriously I was so surprised when I did my first one. I met some new fabulous bloggers and it is so fun to compare answers! You will love it!

  4. It is great to hear other's perspectives of a book. Sometimes seeing the other point of view makes the book even more enjoyable.