Mar 3, 2012

A Crown Imperilled (The Chaoswar Saga #2) by Raymond E. Feist

Bring me the next one rigth now!

In the second book of Chaoswar Saga (and the 29th in the Riftwar Cycle!) we follow the story story right were it felt off in the previous book. Martin is holding Ylith against the Keshian attack that drove him away from his home. Miranda and Nakor are back! Yay, for their return, Nakor is one of my favorite characters, so much fun and crazy. They land in Ylith and after meeting Calis, the elf prince and Arkan, a dark elf trying to stop an uprise of his race, they all help Martin with his war. All the while, Martin's older brother Hal has a mission to protect the princess of the Kingdom of Roldem from the right hand of her father, with the help of the princess's lady in waiting and his friend Ty. 

On the other side of the world Magnus, Pug, Amirantha and Sadreena discover a Panathian Island, where the snake people are nothing like the vicious ones they have faced through the years. In a city there, they find some weird piles of light, exactly like the alien Sven-ga'ri they discovered a while ago in a mountain to the north. Trying to unravel their mystery they decide to stay there and try to pick the lock that is protecting them. 

While all these things are happening we discover that in each of the three Kingdoms the rulers have lost part of their strength and someone else has risen to power. Can the three men be connected and what is the plan behind their plots? Can Jim Dasher and his agents discover what is going on before it's too late?

Needles to say I am a huge fan of Feist's books. I am so in love with the world of Midkemia and the characters inside it that even if he wrote a book about their everyday lifes I'd adore it. So yeah, I loved this book! So so so much! Loved the battle to keep Ylith, the mystery of the Sven-ga'ri and the plot behind the three men rising to power had some very surprising turns to it. 

I thought this book would be more about something we learned at the last chapter of the previous book but I guess the author is keeping the best for last, as the next book will be the last in the Riftwar Cycle. The ending of this book was awesome. Simply awesome. I was actually screaming OMG to the book. How on earth am I going to wait another year for the next one? I want it now!


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