Mar 1, 2012

Random Reads #4 - March

Random Reads is a monthly meme hosted by You get to pick a book from your to read pile with any random way you want to and read it.

I didn't even get the chance to pull out of my shelve last month's RR, so I am promising that this month I will, even though I have 3 review books and A Clash of Kings to read (season 2 for A Game Of Thrones is starting on April).

Again I am going to pick one of my print books, cause I try to get some of them read so I can send them to my hometown since there is no more room here...

I won Enclave a while ago on giveaway. I haven't read any dystopian for a while so I think it will be a great change. And this time I promise to read it! 

Share your Random Reads with me


  1. I've never heard if Enclave before, but it sounds good! I hope you enjoy it! As for Clash of Kings, it's awesome! I love Game of Thrones! I'm on the 4th book for that :)
    Happy Reading!

    1. It took me almost a whole month to read the first one, while reading other books too, so I have to start soon if I want to be ahead of the tv show.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to another apocalyptic book. I have never heard of Enclave before. I've added this one to my list - maybe it will pop up in one of my future random reads!

    I love the synopsis. Could you imagine being an "unnamed brat" until you are fifteen?

  3. I didn't get to read last month book either...but I've heard Enclave is great, good luck!

  4. Ohh I loved this book. I hope you enjoy it too! :)

    ♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books