Mar 29, 2012

Guy Langman, Crime Scene Procrastinator by Josh Berk

Let me start by saying that I love CSI, I love the TV series and everything that has to do with forensics, so I had great expectations from this book.

When I started reading it I wasn't sure if this book was brilliant or a disaster. Unfortunately it was the latter. The main character is a teen age boy who thinks like his twelve and acts like his twelve too, he was really annoying. He was indifferent with everything, didn't want to do anything with his life and was just wasting his time. You know what happens when you read a book about someone like that? You waste your own time too. I was hoping that someone would die soon, as the blurb promised but since no one did until I was half way in, I just gave up. I honestly didn't like being inside Guy's head. Very disturbing.

One last note: I hope no one says MILF anymore, it took me back to 1999 and the first American Pie movie.

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  1. Saw your GR post on how you hated it, lol....the cover attracted me but the name doesn't. And hearing your review certainly made me think twice about getting the book.

    1. I really hated it! I never say that for a book but I just couldn't keep reading it.