Mar 17, 2012

Between (Heven and Hell, #1.5) by Cambria Hebert

Between is the story of Logan, Sam's brother, while he starts turning into a hellhound and then his decision to leave home and find his brother.

Even if this was so tiny it was really good. I really enjoyed reading about Logan, cause we didn't know much about him from Masquerade and we finally saw Sam's family. And oh my, what a hideous family, his dad is a serial killer in the making (I watch way to many Criminal Minds lately). I would have run away too if I was Logan.

Anyways, it was really good, with a small "twist" in the end, which I was partially expecting reading Masquerade. Now I can't wait for the next book, Charade. I really missed Sam, his point of view is the best!


book 13                     book 9


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    1. It is! And I highly recommend the whole series if you haven't read them yet.