Feb 18, 2012

The World Among Us by Beth Ann Masarik

The World Among Us is the story of Damien and Selene, two starcrossed lovers that find themshelves in the middle of Hades' evil plan to take over the world, it doesn't really help that Damien is actually his son and Selene the granddaughter of his arch enemy, Gaia. After Hades manipulates Damien into killing Selene he moves on to his next target, the leader of the Creatures of the Night, Jason. Little does he know Selene has been reincarnated and protected by everyone against him.

This book has a little bit of everything, evil plots, tough love, ancient gods and modern urban life. The idea behind it all had gread premise, but there were some things that I couldn't look past. There were some holes in the storyline, some things that confused me and/or remained unaswered. Also the characters were kind of a flat line for me, they were a little underdeveloped and I didn't really care much about any of them.

Still if you are a big big big fan of mythology and gods and all things concerning them, this just might be a book for you.


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  1. Anonymous2/18/2012

    Thanks for the review! I'll probably not put this on my TBR.

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