Feb 5, 2012

Arrived This Week [Jan.30 - Feb.5]

Writing Feb.5 in the title it came to mind a show I used to watch... "Fab 5", anyways. Let's talk books!!! I got quite a few this week, mostly e-books and mostly because of that free ebooks thing that was going on until yesterday. I got some titles I didn't even have on my to-read list, but I can't say no to free stuff! Can you?

Free E-Books:

Some of them are still for free, so if you are interested go get them. The Abandoned is surely still free and it's the prequel to The Restorer, so I thought I should read it before the first book.

The first book of the Gallagher Girls series is for everyone in netgalley, I got it cause I was kind of curious in the series.

E-Books (Bought):
I heard great thing for both of them especially Exiled. Everyone has been going crazy about this book lately and I really wanted to give it a try.

Books (Bought):

Ok, so these are all the books that I got this week.
You might have noticed that all the images are Amazon links, well that's cause I am an Amazon affiliate for months now, but never saw that you can have books with direct links to them. Anyways, when buying something from amazon consider going through one of the links on my blog, you don't have to buy the exact product.

What was on your mailbox this week?


  1. oh wow you got the Restorer by Amanda Stevens I read that and book one of her series last spring, Way good and creepy. I just got books 2&3 on Netgalley can't wait to dig in. Don't read alone at night!

    1. I won the Restorer last week and when I saw the next 2 on NetGalley I couldn't help myself, but I only requested the second one to read so I can take it one at a time.
      I can't wait to start the Restorer after what you said and reading alone at night is exactly what I do but I am a horror junkie so it's okk for me.