Feb 19, 2012

Arrived This Week [Feb.13 - Feb.19]

So many great arrivals this week I can't wait to start reading them.

A box with all these books arrived on Valentine's Day. I couldn't wish for a better gift, although I did pay for them... These are all books I had on my to read list for a while and I am glad that finally I can start reading them.

I am a huge fan of Raymond E. Feist and The Riftwar Cycle books are some of my favorites books ever. I've been waiting for A Crown Imperilled for a year to come out and finally it did! And I got the first edition, which later I learned has a printing error in it and you can send your copy back to Harper Voyager and get a new corrected one, but this error is what makes it special so I am not parting with it. After I am finished with my NetGalleys I am going to dive into this one.

I ordered Theft of Swords after I read and loved the prequel The Viscount and The Witch (review). I am sure the series are as good as the prequel. Also the guy in the cover is so hot! Really I can't stop staring...

Finally I got my Rome Guide, I know it's not a real book, but I had to share! I am going to Rome in April so I thought a guide was the best way to plan my vacation sightseeing.

This is what I got this week. What was in your MailBox?


  1. Oh, you'll love The devouring. I love this book :D

  2. Great books also, I want to tell you that you have won an award :D

    I think your blog is beautiful so I award it with the Lovely blog award.

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