Feb 4, 2012

Pantheons by E.J. Dabel

This is the story of Isaiah, a homeless teen who finds himself attending an elite high school after some strange incident. There he finds out who he really is, the son of Zeus and Metis, that the ancient gods are walking amongst mortal in teenage bodies and that there is a prophecy that he will kill his father Zeus and take his throne.

What I loved:
There were a ton of battle scenes that were really great. I couldn't get enough of them. Especially at the ending, there was a tournament which kind of reminded me of The Hunger Games so I was curious to see how the author will play it out, and I was happily surprised. I loved the different point of views at the end of the book. Really loved the ending of it.

And the not so much:
There were so many characters! I think there could have been less of them. I struggled to remember everyone's name and who they are supposed to be, but really couldn't. Also there are so many things going on at the beginning of the that it's so confusing, I think some of them could be left out of the book. Another thing I didn't like was the 'romance', I don't even think I should call it that. How on earth did Isaiah fall for Sam? Didn't really made sense. I really think that there should have been less of the book before the tournament, less persons, details, even if the whole Sam-thing was left out of the book completely I don't think it would matter (unless it's really important for the next books).


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