Aug 11, 2012

Manifest (Mystyx #1) by Artist Arthur

Krystal is seeing dead people and no matter how hard she tries to deny it she simply can't when a cute dead guy shows up in her bedroom asking for her help to find his killer. As the new girl in her high school Krystal does want to get involved with the drama of a dead guy just pass by unnoticed, but that seems impossible when two of her classmates invite her to the basement where they show her that she is not the only one who is special.

Manifest is the first book in the Mystyx series, and even though I did like the idea of it it's nothing very original and it's best described as an awkward start. At the beginning I couldn't stand Krystal cause she didn't do anything with her life, she didn't want to make new friends, she blamed her mother for leaving her father, she didn't want to help the cute dead guy, but after she met Jake and Sasha, the other two Mystyx, she started changing into someone the reader can relate and actually like.

As for the story, it is your basic dead guy wants to find who killed him and teens with powers come to the rescue with a future promise that something bigger is out to get them. The mystery around the guys death was a bit disappointing, Krystal didn't seem so interested in solving it, she hadn't even asked him about it until the second half of the book, and then there were no clues that would actually make you think who it could be. The Mystyx were more focused on how they came to their powers how they are connected and stuff like that. Still I am curious to see how they story will end and I think that the rest of the books are written from the other Mystyx POV, so I really want to learn more about them too.
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